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Entertainment - October 13, 2020

Patience Nyarko ‘mad’ over NPP’s betrayal

Gospel music was a sensation, and Patience Nyarko expressed disappointment with the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) because she used her songs at the congress held in Koforidua two years ago, even after she stated that the management had done everything necessary The procedure for contacting the parties on this matter was still refused.

On Monday morning, when Halifax Ansah-Addo (Halifax Ansah-Addo) talked about it in the “Best Entertainment Show” hosted Okay FM, Patience Nyarko (Patience Nyarko) Said that the party announced that its “Obi Nyanime” (Obi Nyanime) song was listed as an official campaign song without her consent, so refusing to take the right action was the biggest shock in her life.

She said that this made her lose her highest respect for the party, and added that she had been patient enough for two years and could no longer tolerate discipline, so she must do it.

“The NPP people already owe me, so if you still associate this new single with them, I won’t like it. They used my hit song in 2018 as the official song at the Koforidua rally without Contact me. So far, I have tried my best, but no better results have been achieved. I followed up with John Boadu for a long time, but did not do anything about it. I I wrote a letter, but no one cares about me.”

“So, I won’t say that this new song is a political song. It’s for the children of God, anyone who can relate to it. You have to contact someone before you can declare someone’s song as a certain Cheng Xu’s official song. Wrong. I have enough patience, but we can’t continue to do the wrong thing. She is very happy with the “big guys” at the party because they are happy to use your song for this kind of show , But you must do the right thing.

Socrate Safo, the creative art director of the National Cultural Commission (NCC), apologized for the mistake of the party representative in the same performance, adding that the issue will be resolved in the next few days.

“I’m glad you have enough patience with this matter, and it will be resolved for you soon. I will assign it to a suitable place for you and notify the person in charge of the party in need. Please don’t worry.” He promised.


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