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Entertainment - March 25, 2021

I love you and Am not leaving You

Roses and gleaming tires regardless to how others react, Shaquon and his partner are having a great time together. The team has had the option to be more committed to their relationship and hasn’t been shy about sharing their love on social media.

They’ve also started a YouTube channel where they talk about their lives and their love for each other.

They’re the most famous Twitter couples right now. The couple’s Instagram account isn’t forgotten either, as they frequently post beautiful images to their over 2,000 followers.

The kid sparkle, in the opinion of the pundits, seemed to be considerably younger than his darling. He is tall, handsome, and fair-skinned. He’s probably in his late twenties. Rose Shaquon resembled his mother rather than his darling. She’s darker and seems to be more confined than Tire, as well as being overweight. She’s probably in her thirties.

Tire responded to critics saying that he adores his girlfriend and that no one can make him change his mind. He loves her because of her spirit, not because of her appearance.

Here are some photos of this incredible couple.

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