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Entertainment - April 27, 2022

‘Sarkodie would despise the drawbacks of possessing a diplomatic passport,’ says a source. — Mr. Logic

Entertainment commentator who is a source of controversy According to Mr. Logic, rapper Sarkodie would not appreciate the drawbacks of having a diplomatic passport.

This follows Sarkodie’s mention of a chat he had with Anne Sophie AVÉ, the French ambassador to Ghana, about musicians deserving diplomatic passports so they can “travel freely and easily to spread the news about Ghana.”

As a Ghanaian ambassador who is constantly on the go, I shouldn’t have to go to such lengths to promote my country,” Sarkodie explained.

“You don’t want to experience the downsides of possessing a diplomatic passport,” Mr Logic responded. You don’t want it, and it won’t assist you,” says the narrator.

He went on to say that the rapper would only require a diplomatic passport if he was willing to follow the severe rules that come with it.

These criteria, according to Logic, include how to dress, the content of the artiste’s music, where to be at a specific time, and so on — and since Sarkodie is a commercial artist, these standards may be tough to fulfill.

The outspoken radio personality also advised the “Original” hitmaker to focus on obtaining visa waivers rather than a diplomatic passport, claiming that the latter would be “unnecessary” for him.

“Visa waivers should be what he’s asking for,” Logic suggested. He continued, “I don’t see what Sarkodie would accomplish with a diplomatic passport.”

Mr Logic believes that the disadvantages of having a diplomatic passport outweigh the benefits, particularly for an artist.

On social media, the video in which Sarkodie recounted Anne Sophie AVÉ’s suggestion drew conflicting comments. Meanwhile, the rapper believes that obtaining a diplomatic passport will help African musicians communicate with the rest of the world about their homeland.

A diplomatic passport, sometimes known as a service passport, is a sort of international identity paper issued a government that defines diplomats’ employment and provides them with benefits. High-ranking government officials utilize it to travel internationally more easily.

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