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International - October 9, 2020

North Korea may show new missiles at weekend military parade

For months, the North Korean leader has been relatively lacking in combat effectiveness as leader Kim Jong Un has dealt with the coronavirus pandemic, natural disasters, and increasing economic pain under severe US-led sanctions for years.

However, before the 75th anniversary of the founding of the ruling party this weekend, people began to speculate that Kim Jong-il might hold a large-scale military parade and showcase newly developed powerful missiles. Experts say the goal is to strengthen internal unity and attract the attention of the United States in the deadlocked nuclear diplomacy between the two countries.

North Korea’s Kim plans to launch an 80-day national campaign to promote economic development

Professor Nam Sung-wook said: “His people are exhausted and his economy is in trouble… Therefore, Kim Jong-un wants to mobilize his people and emphasizes a self-reliant policy to calm their complaints and attract Their loyalty.” At Korea University in South Korea. “To do this, he will need new weapons, powerful weapons, to send messages to the world.”

North Korea usually celebrates major national anniversaries in large military parades ending in zero and five years. But sometimes

In seeking a better relationship with the outside world, those demonstrations were less provocative.

In a parade commemorating the 70th anniversary of his socialist government in September 2018, Kim Jong Il did not speak and avoided showing any of his long-range missiles because the incident occurred at the first summit between him and President Donald Trump in Singapore Three months later. The future of his nuclear arsenal. In celebrations celebrating the births of his late grandfather in 2012 and 2017, Kim Jong Il still demonstrated the military prowess of intercontinental ballistic missiles when he raised his stake in the confrontation with the United States

Kim Jong-un met with Trump twice again, but their nuclear diplomacy was delayed for more than a year due to a dispute over the exchange of sanctions relief and disarmament steps.

Entering 2020, Kim Jong-un announced that he intends to strengthen nuclear deterrence and make a “frontier breakthrough” in countering economic pressure led the United States. However, during the coronavirus pandemic, the border closure has further hit the broken economy in the north, which has greatly reduced trade with China, its main allies, and the lifeblood of the economy. External observers say that the large floods and strong typhoons that hit the main agricultural areas in the north this summer will certainly exacerbate the country’s chronic food shortages.

“It is clear that the North has run out of foreign currency, and the country may be close to causing instability in exchange rates and market prices, which will make people’s daily lives more difficult and thus impose a political burden on Kim Jong Il,” Lynn Seoul National Said Soo-ho, an analyst at the Security Strategy Institute.

In a recent report, the Seoul National Assembly Budget Office, a research institute in South Korea, said that in the first half of this year, North Korea’s imports from China fell nearly 67%, and its exports to China fell about 72%. The report says that China accounted for more than 95% of North Korea’s foreign trade last year.

North Korea firmly argued that there was no case of the coronavirus, a statement that has been widely disputed foreign experts. South Korea and the US military said that Kim Jong Il ordered troops to shoot smugglers and others illegally crossing the border as part of anti-virus measures. Last month, North Korean soldiers fatally shot at South Koreans found in its waters, an incident that prompted Kim Jong-il to apologize to Seoul.

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