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International - September 29, 2020

North Korea accuses South of crossing disputed boundary to find dead official

North Korea accused South Korea of ​​crossing a disputed maritime border in search of the remains of South Korean officials killed North Korean troops last week.

South Korea denied the allegations, but North Korea warned on Sunday that the incident could increase tensions.

North Korea apologized for killing S.KOREAN in shooting

The Korean Central News Agency said: “We urge South Korea to immediately stop its invasion of the military demarcation line in the West China Sea, which may lead to escalation of tension.” “This has aroused our vigilance because it may lead to another terrible incident.The South Korean military and coast guard responded to North Korea’s claimed border invasion, saying that their ships and planes have been searching the waters south of the border since Friday to prevent officials’ bodies from drifting back.

Officials in Seoul said that at the age of 47, he was likely to try to defect before the North Korean army killed him in a boat.

In a letter received in South Korea on Friday, Kim Jong-un expressed a rare apology for the officer’s shooting death.

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The source said that the North Korean army shot and killed the official because he tried to escape after refusing to answer questions. The report said that the North Korean maintenance forces could not find the official’s body and burned his floating objects in accordance with anti-coronavirus regulations.

The office of South Korean President Moon Jae-in said that the South Korean National Security Council took a positive attitude towards Kim Jong Il’s apology and proposed a joint investigation with North Korea to find out what happened to officials.

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