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Entertainment - September 11, 2020

My hair costs GHC15,000 – Nana Boroo brags

Ghanaian hippie and high life singer Nana Boroo is committed to reducing human hair import taxes to make women affordable. According to the best-selling single “Aha Yede”, many Ghanaian women fall in love with human hair, but the cost involved does not make them shake their hair.

He made this statement in an interview with Okay FM in Accra.

He said that his new hairstyle is a braid made of human hair, which has attracted the love of many women. He believes that if the Ghanaian government reduces taxes, women will be happy.

Nana Boroo stated that he launched the campaign to inform the government that it is necessary to review the tax on human hair instead of artificial hair so that Ghanaian women can buy it equally.

“Do you know how many women fall in love with me because of my hair?” he told Abeiku Santana. “That’s why I campaigned for them.”

He revealed that his hair alone would cost US$2,500 (about 15,000 Thadisis).

“Abeiku, the hair I wear cost nearly 2500 dollars. How many women can afford it?” he asked.

He urged the government to review human taxation so that everyone can afford it.

“Therefore, the import tax on human hair should be reduced so that women can afford it. I am not talking about artificial hair, but about raw, expensive human hair.”

He concluded: “There are many women in my DM, and ask them where they can buy the hair I wear.”


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