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Sports - August 19, 2020

We are sometimes hypnotized juju – the referee in Ghana

Ghanaian referee Maxwell Hanson said the lack of understanding of football rules makes refereeing work in the country difficult.

Maxwell Hanson (Maxwell Hanson) said in an interview with CK TV that the referees thought it was very difficult to host the game because of the difficulties they encountered before, during and after the football game.

He said that well-educated fans usually attack referees because they do not fully understand the rules of football.

In revealing his experience in the game, the Tema-based center said that sometimes some clubs hypnotize referees to deal with games that benefit them.

He pointed out that although some errors in the game are real, some errors will be affected voodoo.

Maxwell Hanson (Maxwell Hanson) said that sometimes after the game, the referee will be frustrated certain decisions made. In the face of incompetence and corruption, he defended the integrity of the referee. “No referees attempted to cheat. I have never seen referees accept bribes, nor have administrators accepted bribes from referees. We are not what people think of as thieves, we just apply rules.”

“Football in Ghana is not easy. If you are physically, mentally and mentally not strong, please do not try. Sometimes you feel very heavy as a referee. Sometimes you feel infringed because of your position.”

“Some of the penalties and violations we receive are not due to bribery. We are sometimes affected spiritual things. Sometimes you will evaluate your performance and realize that you are not responsible.”

In the post-12 era, Maxwell Hanson (Maxwell Hanson) was appointed as the host of the first Super2 game.

Here, he shared his experience in the game, this is the second time he has handled a game between two big teams.

“This is a record that my grandchildren will be proud of. I have no pressure. I was scared the crowd and it encouraged me. When I hosted the Hearts vs Kotoko game for the first time, I was very happy. It

For me, the dream came true because it was one of the goals I wanted to achieve when I decided to be a referee. ”


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