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News - October 7, 2020

Police retrieve firearms stolen and hidden secessionists

GhanaWeb has sighted a viral video of how officers of the Ghana Police Service retrieved some firearms which were stolen and hidden in the bush the secessionists who are seeking an independent Western Togoland state.

The location appears to be around Sogakope. About four assault rifles wrapped in a black plastic bag were dug out of the ground close to a palm-nut tree. A young man is seen in the video digging up the items while the police with guns looked on.

“He says he put two, he added his own. Make him hold am like this…there is only one commander here…,” a policeman is heard saying.

“We thank you, but now we are not just looking for this one. If you know that there is another somewhere let’s know so that we can go for it too,” a man in a police uniform is heard saying.

In September, the Ghana Police Service stated that it had retrieved some weapons and vehicles which were stolen the alleged secessionists in the Volta Region after two police stations at Aveyime and Mepe were broken into.

The secessionists subsequently allegedly attacked the Ho InterCity STC yard and burnt two out of 11 buses parked there.

The police, however, assured Ghanaians that the situation was under control.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com

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