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News - August 27, 2020

You and your children will eat from ‘borla’ before you die – Minister rains curses on live radio

“Whoever recorded that video will go mad before he dies. He will eat at dumping sites before he dies. His children, grandchildren will all feed off dumping sites before they die. The person who did the tape and slapped my picture on it will go mad before dying. I’m saying it for the third time, if the person doesn’t own up, he will go mad before dying.”

Make no mistake, these are not the words of some lay man. These powerful words which can be described as curses are coming from a regional minister of the republic of Ghana.

He is the Ashanti Regional Minister, a region regarded as the citadel of Ghanaian culture and values.

He is Simon Osei-Mensah, a minister who is under pressure for allegedly making ethnocentric comments.

The Coalition of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) on the Dangers of Ethnocentrism to Ghana’s Unity, Stability, are on his heels, asking him to relinquish his position as a regional minister.

They claim he has acted in ways that have the tendency of disrupting the peace and stability in the country.

But in his mind, the CSOs know not what they are saying and resignation is not something he is going give a thought to.

He is convinced that contrary to their claims, he is innocent and has not made any tribalistic comment.

Simon Osei Mensah thinks it is an attempt some people to cow him ahead of the elections but they won’t succeed.

“They should go and deal with cowards not me. I’m not a coward. What tape do they have. Is it that stupid tape that came out about two years ago?” he added.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com

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