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International - September 26, 2020

Trump to nominate Amy Coney Barrett to Supreme Court: sources

Multiple sources said on Friday that President Trump plans to announce that Amy Coney Barrett will serve as the nominee of the Supreme Court to fill the death of Justice Ruth Bud Ginsburg. Seats vacated.

The president is expected to announce the news at the White House event on Saturday. Barrett currently serves as a judge on the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals.

Trump plans to hold a campaign rally in Virginia on Friday night, but he declined to say who he will announce at the urging of reporters at Joint Base Andrews. He said: “You will find out tomorrow.”

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (Mitch McConnell) vowed to vote on Trump’s nominee, an announcement that will surely trigger a difficult election year confirmation battle.

For a long time, Barrett has been considered the leader of this seat. After Barrett’s review, she may replace former High Court judge Anthony Kennedy. Although Trump ultimately chose Justice Brett Kavanaugh for the position, news media reported at the time that Trump said he was “saving her for Ginsburg.”

The judge of the Court of Appeal is a former Notre Dame professor and devout Catholic, a fact that caused controversy during the confirmation hearing of her current seat on the Seventh Circuit in 2017. Dianne Feinstein, a ranking member of the California State Senate Judiciary Committee, told Barrett: “Doctrine lives loudly within you, which is worrying. She was eventually identified as 55-43.

It is believed that the other most reported competitors are Eleventh Circuit Judge Barbara Lagoa (Barbara Lagoa); Fourth Circuit Judge Alison Jones Racine and Sixth Circuit Judge Joan Lagoa Sen. Trump has repeatedly stated that he is considering five potential candidates.

If Justice Trump is confirmed, it will mark his third successful confirmation the Supreme Court. This will exceed two terms of President Barack Obama, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, each of whom successfully nominated two Supreme Court justices.

But the Democrats say they will do everything possible to ensure that this does not happen.

The current vote seems to be on the Republican side. Only two Republican senators, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska and Susan Collins of Maine, said they opposed the pre-election confirmation. Merkowski recently expressed a soft attitude on the matter, indicating that even if she disagrees with the procedure, she can vote on the final nominee based on her qualifications.

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