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Entertainment - October 15, 2021

The Overturned Story

The Overturned Story

This year’s birthday was like the clash of the titans.

My life took a different turn. Things didn’t go the way I expected.

The value for my life was my life itself. I thank the giver of life and the restorer of nations.

That is what is most important. All tribulations and faking faced friends are just a few lessons learned about life.

Though I placed my hopes high on my birthday, the overturn happened concerning my health.

My girl made my day above all. She made a surprising gift of special balloons cage, crafted with wine. She sealed it with a special pencil painting of me. I Luv it and am grateful.

My diary of Luv memories, I call this one.

I still think it’s great for great guys going through things like this. When Friends are not friends anymore. Some people are friends with you because of certain conditions. More especially when it’s comfortable for them. I thank God for life always.

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