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News - August 26, 2020

Residents of Domefaase were lucky, military could have killed more than 100 of them – Minister

Deputy Defence Minister Major Derrick Oduro (rtd) has condemned the attack on military personnel at Domefaase in Obom Domeabra Municipal Assembly.

The former military capo said the attack was unfortunate, irresponsible and an attack on the nation.

Speaking on Frontline on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm, he also commended the military personnel for their professional conduct.

According to him, the military had the option of retaliating and firing into the crowd.

This he noted could have led to the death of more than 100 persons.

‘’I would want to commend the military personnel for behaving professionally because they could have fired back. They were armed and had the option of firing back but they chose not to.’’

He cautioned this would be the last time a security personnel would be assaulted the public because ‘’we will not allow this to occur again. This will be the last one. We will fish all the offenders out and deal with them. Enough is enough.’’

Meanwhile, he has revealed an investigation into the matter has begun and all the persons behind the attack would be dealt with.

The Deputy Minister who is also the MP for Nkoranza North said preliminary investigation conducted disclosed that the military men went to the location to intervene in a possible clash through the ‘Operation Calm Life’ but were rather assaulted the residents.

He insisted ‘’If the military men had defended themselves as they were supposed to, more than 100 people would have been dead. I must commend them for tempering justice with mercy. We will soon review the mode of our operation. What was the sense that informed the attacks on the military men? How could you attack the military men who came there to rather protect you?’’

The Chiefs and residents of Dome Faase in Obom Domeabra Municipal on Tuesday demonstrated against the Akyem Apedwa Mponuahene Bafour Sarpong Okumakuma for allegedly taking away their land.

Nii kpakpo Amatey the Divisional Chief of the Obom traditional area alleged that the Akyem Apedwa Mponuahene Bafour Sarpong Okumakuma is dealing with armed land gurads and the military to harass the chiefs and the residents of the area to take away their land which they will resist.

But the Deputy Minister rubbished the allegations and challenged anyone with evidence to prove otherwise.

The residents after the demonstration went to the land after the demonstration and allegedly attacked the military men.

The residents reportedly pelted stones at the military men and in self-defence, the military men opened fire at the crowd but the bullets did not penetrate them because they were allegedly using black magic.

In the process, 8 of the military men took to their heels but two of the men were brutally assaulted with knife wounds inflicted on them and their uniforms torn.

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