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Entertainment - October 5, 2020

Rapper D-Black finally speaks about leaked sex tape

Ghana’s award-winning rapper Desmond Blackmore (Desmond Blackmore), widely known as D-Black, finally unveiled the sound of his leaked tape, which became popular a few weeks ago.

In a radio interview with Halifax about Okay FM, D-Black stated that he really did not want to learn more about this.

He revealed that since getting into the entertainment industry, he has been trying to avoid controversy, so this news is very unfortunate for his brand.

Falaa’s strikers also said that many people responded to the incident and his family also said what they wanted to say.

When talking about this, D-Black said that the video leak was not a planned thing, but it happened to be released at the time.

He said that the leaked video was no means a record that helped promote his Falaa song, and recorded that the song was actually released in December 2019.

According to him, he wanted to shoot a video for the song and put the leaked tape before putting down the visual effects of the song.

Then, D-Black lamented that people like to look at negative emotions instead of emphasizing the rate of artist’s positivity.

He cited examples of UN awards and said that when it was affirmative, a few people talked about it, but when it was found to be fake, many people started talking about it.

D-Black continues to question the entertainment industry we have in this country where negative news trumps all positive news.

The Vera scammer also said that someone asked him to pay for the unpublished video, which was fake.

Not long ago, the rapper became popular on social media after making no compromises with a video of an American lady lying in bed.

This is the first time D-Black has spoken on this matter, and he said that this is not what his brand is concerned about.



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