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Entertainment - September 20, 2020

Pastor Joe Beecham speaks on political ambition

The famous gospel musician and pastor Joe Beecham said that he is already a politician, but he claims to be a gospel politician.

When asked if Joy FM’s “Happy Hour Present” is willing to participate in active political activities, Pastor Became emphasized that he has no political ambitions.

However, he believed that if the longing came from God, he was certain that his people would not let him down.

“I have no political ambitions, but I am an evangelical politician and bless God for my life.

He said: “One day, if the desire comes from God strongly, I believe that the voters will vote for me so that they will have a very calm and calm congressman and will not cause you trouble.”

He jokingly said: “I believe that if I become a member of Congress, the people will do things for me instead of me doing things for them.”

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