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Politics - September 26, 2020

NDC slams ‘nonchalant’ Akufo Addo for pampering ‘Western Togolanders’

The opposition National Congress of Democracy (NDC) condemned the government led Akufo-Addo for treating West Togoland separatist groups with children’s gloves.

The separatists launched simultaneous attacks on the Awemi and Mepe police stations in the North Tangu District of the Volta region, and blocked various access routes to the Volta region in the early hours of Friday morning. They said they wanted the area to become a known area. As an autonomous country of West Togoland. .

This situation caused a huge deadlock and detained passengers.

A joint team of police and military personnel restored law and order, but this was not without casualties.

When the group exchanged fire with the joint security team, one person was killed in the attack. In addition, 31 people were arrested.

However, the opposition National Democratic National Committee communications officer Sammy Gyamfi commented on the issue in a news archive program monitored Kasapafmonline.com, saying that the attack was clearly Akufo Addo The President, his government and security agencies have failed to protect the people. People in the Volta area, especially the area where the invasion occurred.

“Their (separatist) activities quickly festered and spiraled beyond our control. This is because the Akufo Addo government has been condoning these criminals. So far, their practices have been very cold, boring and lifeless. , As if they don’t care what happened.

“In the voter registration exercises that took place from June to August this year, we were all in this country. When it fits their political agenda, we saw the kind of soldiers they deployed

A Volta area disguised as a COVID-19 battle. Since the activities of these separatists have been going on in the Volta region, we have not seen the government’s deployment of military and other security agencies to deport these criminals and thoroughly deal with them in accordance with the law. Therefore, they are spoiled and helped, which is why their activities deteriorate.

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