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News - November 19, 2020

Martin Amidu is a disgrace to law profession – Maurice Ampaw

Maurice Ampaw, a prominent Ghanaian legal practitioner, advised former special prosecutor Martin Amidu not to blame the current government’s anti-corruption campaign on his incompetence.

He described Martin Amidu’s behavior as a coward, his fighting with his tail between his legs, and a shame on his learned profession. “Martin is a timid man who devalues ​​the legal profession. The fighters did not escape the fight, but moved on and attacked their opponents.”

According to Maurice Ampaw, Ghana needs brave men and women, such as the late Presidents Rawlings and Yaa Asantewaa, who ignore them to achieve their goals all. “When he saw corruption in the country, Rollins organized a coup. He was ready to die for this country. Just like them, Martin Amidu can stay and fight corruption in Ghana. “.

He went on to describe Martin Amidu’s statement that he claimed that he had no office to work and that his life was threatened as an excuse for giving up responsibility.

He passed this comment during an interview on Happy 98.9FM’s Sefa Danquah’s Epa Hoa Daben political talk show.

Lawyer Maurice Ampaw said the former special prosecutor has more resources than judges at all levels of courts in the country.

“I have been to Martin Amidu’s office three times and he has done a good job. He has security guards to escort his office and travels in armored vehicles. He has protection and offices. His office layout It’s very good, and some judges have no desks in their offices.

Martin Amidu lied that he did not have an office. He is a liar and coward, and when the fight gets tough, he makes excuses for himself and runs away. Anyone preparing to fight corruption does not care if they fall into the enemy’s stronghold. Even in the enemy’s stronghold, this is where they work harder.

The lawyer said that if he were a special prosecutor, he would not be allowed to step down. He reiterated: “I will tell the president not to let me do my job, but Martin Amidou is just making excuses.”

After working for the Special Prosecutor’s Office for two years, Martin Alamisi Burns Kaiser Amidou resigned on the grounds that the main reason for his decision to resign was what he called “political interference in the independence of his office” .

In the acceptance letter, Chief of Staff Frema Osei Opare conveyed the President’s gratitude to the former Attorney General under the Atta-Mills government.

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