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Business - September 26, 2020

Local goods without ‘Made in Ghana’ logo will soon not qualify for export – Trade Ministry

The Ministry of Trade and Industry stated that all locally produced products without the Made in Ghana logo will not be eligible for export soon.

According to the ministry, this move is part of an effort to ensure that quality products are produced in Ghana for the local and international markets.

The logo made in Ghana was launched in April 2015 to help consumers identify the authenticity of Ghanaian products and promote them, although not all companies follow Ghanaian usage.

Businesses wishing to use the logo should pay the Ghana Bureau of Standards according to the business category to process applications, annual user license and logo fees.

Doris Asetena Mensah, head of domestic trade and distribution at the Ministry of Trade and Industry, said that they are currently attracting local companies to export and put stamps on their products, but they will soon adopt a stricter attitude.

“We call on companies to come to the Ministry of Trade and Industry and put the Ghanaian logo on their products. In this ministry, we cooperated with the Ghanaian Bureau of Standards to fix the Ghanaian logo on the product, and then the logo symbolizes quality and Excellence. She said: “If you have this product on your product, it can be exported to any place, and soon, when you want to export any Ghanaian product, this will be a requirement. ”

In an interview with UniversNews, Dr. Kofi Amponsah Bediako, Director of Public Relations of the Ghana Bureau of Standards, said that this initiative is a good step towards realizing the government’s “Ghana beyond aid” policy.

“Do you remember the President said that we need to promote the goods made in Ghana, and we also need to establish the so-called Ghana Transcendence Aid Organization; if we do not export, and do not produce too many goods for export to the external market, Ghana’s transcendence aid will not be achieved. He said that the goods produced here with acceptable natural and internal quality will be exported abroad, thus earning reputation and income for the country of Ghana.

He also urged local companies to export stamps on their products.

“I can assure you that there is not much. Therefore, for those who are interested should come, and the price is not very high, so no one should worry about any high costs. We are here to promote trade, so it is for everyone It’s not a big problem,” he explained.



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