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Politics - September 11, 2020

Koku Anyidoho clears all misconceptions between him and John Mahama

Samuel Koku Anyidoho, chief executive of the Atamiers Institute, described the beliefs of many Ghanaians as delusions, believing that he prevented the then Vice President John Dramani. Mahama (John Dramani Mahama) went to the office of the late President John Evans Atamiers.

According to the former deputy secretary-general of the National Development Council, he could not prevent the vice president from meeting President Atta Mills, because the vice president and the president had a dedicated corridor between the castle, which was only allowed to be used the vice president.

Koku Anyidoho said on Okay FM’s “Ade Akye Abia” morning show that he had never walked through a dedicated corridor before leaving the castle, so he could not stop the Vice President from meeting the late President Atta Mills.

“The truth of the matter is that there is a dedicated corridor between the Vice President and the President. Before I left the castle, I never walked through that dedicated corridor because it was a dedicated corridor for the Vice President and the President only.” He says.

According to him, his office as an aide to the president is downstairs, so he must climb upstairs and be courteous before meeting the president.

My office is downstairs. If I were to meet the president, I would have to climb the stairs, pass the concierge, and then see the president again. I can’t get up to see the president’s office. The level of discipline in the chairmanship is not easy.

“So who the vice president will meet with the president, I will prevent him from leaving office. If I happen to be under his residency, I can only go to President Mills’ bedroom after work, and I can go to his bedroom and His father chatted with his son. Yes, but there is a structure in the office. In the office, I am just an assistant to the president. You have the chief of staff, the secretary of the president, the director of the national protocol, and of course the vice president, the advisor to the president, and I, I just A messenger.” He explained.

He insisted that he, like any other presidential staff member, complied with the agreements that had been made. Said that they have reached the point where they are not allowed to bring their phones to the president’s office.

“A lot of times I will be with the president. If the vice president gets there, I will be asked to go out. I will only come back when they are done. That’s discipline, so how can I stop the vice president,” he added .

He added that even though he had a close relationship with the late President Atta Mills’ close aides, speech writers, speakers, and confidants, he did not keep the president’s diary.

Therefore, the secretary of the president and the secretary of state in the presidential palace kept the president’s diary, because he only entered the diary to show that they had an organization in the presidential palace.

For him, this is the right time for him to start changing the narrative, because people now know the truth, even if the lies have spread everywhere.



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