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Joseph Yamin Threatens Peace Council Over Mahama ‘Do or Die’ Comment

Former deputy Minister of Youth and Sports under the erstwhile NDC administration, Joseph Yamin has threatened to deal with any member of the Peace Council and other Christian bodies in the country who dare to speak against former President John Mahama’s infamous do or die proclamation.

According to the former Deputy Sports Minister, the Peace Council members are hypocrites and in the pockets of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP), hence they don’t have the locus to speak against the twice defeated former President.

He indicated that the Peace Council only comes out to bash the NDC when they make any statement they do not agree with.

Joseph Yamin who takes the Peace Council to the cleaners on Happy Fm, political talk show lamented that “the Peace Council which has been sleeping in the wake of the destruction the NPP has set Ghana on, should “keep on sleeping and not dare comment on former President Mahama’s to do or die statement.”

He claimed “The Peace Council and other Christian bodies should not dare make any statement criticizing former President Mahama over his do or die statement. They will only incur the wrath of Ghanaians if they make any comment on this”.

He added that “Whatever the NPP does or says is good to them but when the NDC does it, they all come rushing to condemn it”.

He described the culture of these bodies glorifying the NPP and seeing them as saints while demonizing the NDC as an affront to nation-building insisting, “The culture where no one condemns the NPP even when they act negatively but are quick to condemn the NDC is not something we should keep promoting. We must change.”

During his election 2020 ‘Thank You’ tour, John Mahama made the controversial statement on Tuesday, September 7, that; “we were robbed, but we accepted the verdict for the sake of peace.”

“But I want to state here that the next elections would be won or lost at the polling station. So at the polling station, it will be doing or die. I am not saying all die be die. I’m saying it will be ‘do or die’ because the right thing must be done,” he told Techiman-based Akina FM.

This comment has received condemnation from a cross-section of Ghanaians who have called on the former President to retract his statement as it is unbecoming of a statesman, which he has refused.

He says his utterance regarding a ‘do or die’ affair at polling stations in 2024 is an idiomatic expression that has been misconstrued the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP).

Source: Daily Guide

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