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Entertainment - September 1, 2020

‘It was stupid, I lost my cool’ – Sarkodie on his first racist encounter in Germany

The Ghanaian rapper Sarkodie (Sarkodie) shared his first encounter with racism in a family visit a few years ago.

According to the “blooded” rapper, he had a racist encounter with immigration officials while trying to enter Germany on an Italian visa.

He said he was visiting his family and confirmed to immigration officials that entering the country with an Italian visa is not illegal, but the official commented that Africans are poor before questioning how Sarkodie will take care of himself.

He told Vlad TV: “In some cases, I was going to Germany to visit my family, and at the immigration office, an officer took me aside because he was holding an Italian official. “I don’t know this is a crime, because it is a Schengen visa, I can go anywhere in Europe.”

He continued: “He pulled me aside and asked me why I had to use an Italian visa to enter Germany. I asked if it was wrong. He said “no”, but wanted to understand the reason, I said, “just because I want to come to Germany.”

Then, he was confronted and told him that he should not be given such privileges because Africans are very poor.

“He said directly to me,’I know that Africans are poor, so how do you take care of yourself when you are here?”

After the officer made such a statement, he was greatly annoyed.

“Then, I turned it over; that one, I can’t accept it. It’s too stupid, that’s even a racist, but you are stupid. I have to correct him. I lost my calm.”

Sarkodie said that the encounter made him more aware of racism from that moment.

“From them, I had to pay attention to certain things. I didn’t take things seriously until that day.”

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