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Entertainment - October 3, 2021

Getting The Audience Ready

Getting The Audience Ready

The Afropop and Hip-hop star make a turn on guitar a couple of days ago, in a popular guitar tuition centre. He said, ”knowing how to play the strings will be a great plus to my career. Not only that, learning to play the strings will make his live shows interesting. In his words, ”we can all admit that learning how to tune the strings and playing with free hands is a rare ambition”.

He said, ”Just after my EP, am preparing to hold a live concert, where I will perform live guitar playing sessions for my audience”. Jahknows envisions guitar learning, as a plus to his musical career driving his passion towards great musical interest.

”I want to be different, so am taking the chance to learn it, I feel confident am continuing to grow as a musician, he said”.

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