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News - November 20, 2020

Fishery experts push for securing, mapping of fish landing sites

Fishery experts are pushing for the securing and mapping of fish landing sites in order to protect the livelihood of over 3 million fishermen.

The experts note that current encroachment and sale of lands along landing sites are adversely affecting fishing activities.

Programs Manager of fishery advocacy group Friends of the Nation, Kyei Kwadwo Yamoah said it was time for government and relevant state agencies to put in systems and policies to effectively enhance operations of fishermen.

He said “these lands should be properly demarcated, properly documented, properly mapped, and legally given approvals so that these lands will last for fishermen. This will be a legacy that fishing communities can rely on so that in future people cannot come in and take these lands from fisher folks.”

According to him, about ten percent of the population make ends meet from fishing activities.

Speaking at a Stakeholders policy dialogue program on securing fish landing sites, Mr. Yamoah urged the government and key players in the fishery sector to help identify future lands that can be used as landing sites and help secure them for that purpose.

“We are looking at securing these landing sites so that when the time comes government will not have to pay compensation to persons who have already settled on these lands.”

Fishery experts believe securing fish landing sites will greatly boost food security while providing jobs for millions of people

Source: Starr FM

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