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International - October 11, 2020

Child, 3, falls into Yellowstone National Park thermal feature

It happened on Friday morning, near one of the main geyser basins in Yellowstone.

The person in charge of the park said: “The child ran down the trail, slid down, and fell into a small thermal imager.”

Women in Yellowstone National Park fell into hot land due to the closure of coronary arteries

The child was taken to the burn center of the Eastern Regional Medical Center in Idaho.

Officials said the burns were limited to the child’s lower body and back.

California woman was shot within 10 feet of bison in Yellowstone National Park

Officials at Yellowstone Park reported that serious injuries occurred in a hot zone only five months ago.

Officials said that then, an old man broke into the thermal image gallery of the Old Faithful Museum while backing up and taking pictures.

Huangshi banned tourists from curbing the spread of the coronavirus

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