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Sports - September 11, 2020

Andre Ayew opens up on racism, says he had bananas thrown at him in an Europa League game

Ghanaian and Swansea City star Andre Ayew shared his experience of racism in football matches, and he also called for the elimination of racism in all areas of life.

In an interview with Sky Sports, the Swansea City star talked about the growing “Black Life Issues” movement. The movement started when George Floyd, a black and white man, was killed a white police officer, and it sparked protests all over the world.

Ayew shared his story about racism in a match against Russia (Zenit St. Petersburg) with Olympique Marseille.

“If you look back on the first few years of my father’s time, the situation is even worse than it is now. Players like my father paved the way for everyone to enter and proved that black people can do this job in Europe.” Old said.

“I remember throwing bananas everywhere in the Europa League vs. [Zenit] Russia in St. Petersburg.

“People are getting worse and worse. I’m talking about my personal experience, but I have seen a lot of things experienced my friends. I just don’t think it should be.

“We need to make sure to step our feet on the floor and make sure it changes. Nothing is easy, but we need to move on and not give up what we believe in. I think this can take the world to the next level.”

Captain Black Star believes that the movement and consciousness that are now emerging may change the systemic racism that blacks face every day in their lives.



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