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Business - October 9, 2020

Agricult Ltd not registered to manufacture fertilizer – State witness tells court

The National Director of the Plant Protection Regulatory Service Directorate (PPRSD) of the Ministry of Food and Agriculture, Dr Felicia Ansah-Amprofi has said Agricult Ghana Limited has not been registered to manufacture or reproduce fertilizer in Ghana.

According to her, instead, Agricult Ghana limited is registered with PPRSD to import and distribute Lithovite Folia fertilizer which was to be used on agriculture crops.

Under the leadership of the Chief State Attorney, Mrs. Evelyn Kirson, Ms. Anza Amprofi used her chief evidence as the fourth witness in the case. The CEO of Agricult Ghana Limited is on trial for causing economic losses to the country. The company’s registered Lithovite Folia fertilizer is only used for “agricultural crops.”

She added that if they want to expand their use in cocoa powder, then they need to be certified the Ghana Cocoa Institute (GRIG).

The person in charge of PPRSD told the court: “Agricult Ghana Limited is not registered on PPRSD and cannot produce Hinoki leaf plant fertilizer in Ghana. However, agriculture only registered the import and distribution of lepidolite foliar fertilizer.”

When testifying to the court on the request of the Criminal Investigation Department of the Police Department of Ghana, whether her clothing has been approved the agricultural department to provide cocoa fertilizer, she said: “Although Agriculture Ghana Co., Ltd. and Sidalco have registered with PPRSD to use their fertilizers on agricultural crops , These fertilizers can be used in cocoa only after CRIG certification.

She explained to the court the nature of the certificate issued to the Ghana Agriculture Bureau and the types of products it was engaged in. She said: “We usually provide two certificates. One is for company registration and the other is for product fertilizers. We divide the certificates into There are four categories: registration as a manufacturer, importer, distributor or retailer.”

She added: “Therefore, the certificate I obtained from PPRSD is the registration certificate of the fertilizer importer and the registration certificate of the fertilizer (Lothovite Folia) product.”

She said that the name of the fertilizer product on the certificate is “Lithovite” and the formula type indicated on the ceramsite is “Powder”.

According to witnesses, the country of origin of the certificate is Germany, and the period of the metal certificate for fertilizer products issued PPRSD is two years, which can be extended for another two years.

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